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The Curious Case of Casey Cumz

The Curious Case of Casey Cumz
Casey just looked a bit nervous to me...and I think she definitely was...it took a bit to get her talking, but when we did, the strangest things came out of her mouth...things like...I have a collection of 50 anal dildos, Im very dominant, Im very tough...this woman was very reserved...the type of reservation that can only either be shyness or stoned coldness...we talked for a long time about the motivations behind the BDSM fantasies and the role playing behind the BDSM realities...she listened and seemed to totally understand everything I was saying...or was it going right through her head?...I couldnt tell...we talked so much, that when we got finished, we skipped the members interview and went right into the shoot...Bane wrapped her arms to vertical poles and wrapped her legs together with vet wrap...he toys with her for a few minutes before he gives her a big test...clover clamps right onto the nipple...she moans and it's real...she slowly recoils to deal with the sensation...Bane takes her right into flogging....then dragon's tails...this woman is tough...without a doubt...her poise impresses me...and when the vibrator goes on, she loss control...then lying on her tummy with her head and wrists locked into stocks...a spider gag in her mouth...her legs spread and held in place by steel cuffs...once again, we decide to see if Casey can walk the talk when it comes to her love of anal toys...we break out the fucksaw with a good sized dildo...first she moans and pulls against her binds...there's no room to move...Bane pulls the trigger and runs the saw faster and faster...until she is screaming with delight...Casey passed with flying colors for certain...but still, she is a peculiar woman...I havent even viewed her last two scenes, but they will be posted next week.

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The Curious Case of Casey Cumz The Curious Case of Casey Cumz
The Curious Case of Casey Cumz The Curious Case of Casey Cumz The Curious Case of Casey Cumz
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