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Adamson and Trenton

Adamson and Trenton
Studio: Militaryclassified
Today is a special day because I’ve managed to pull together two very hot straight guys who were very nervous about shooting movies with another model. These guys have always worked alone but today Adamson and Trenton are here to take out their aggressions on my poor little ass. Watch as these two straight guys sit back while rob sucks these guys and then handles their cocks with his ass! Stay tuned for the end because like a symphony conductor, Rob makes them cum at the same time!
When Adamson and Trenton arrived at my studios, Adamson arrived first and Trenton after. Once i sat them down and began the chit chat as we filled out paperwork. I started up the conversation about girls and that’s all it took as they began to share stories of some of their conquests, each one boasting bigger than the other. Once we got past all the particulars, we made our way down to my bedroom where all the action finally got started.
Once the cameras were rolling, I wasted no time in orchestrating these two into a concert of straight to gay action. I began with them each stroking themselves and once they were rock hard, I asked Adamson to take Trenton’s cock and Trenton to take Adamson’s cock and they began stroking each other… This is getting good!
Before long these two were rock hard and nothing to do and that is when I made my move. I first mounted Trenton and rode this boy for a nice pounding to warm me up for Adamson’s 9’er. Both Adamson and Trenton took turns letting take a ride on their cocks. Next I turned it around and did the exact same thing in the backward’s cowgirl position. This is just the beginning..
We went from cowgirl, to doggie style and that’s when I knew that these two straight guys didn’t have much wind left in their sales as they were close to cumming. Adamson was sitting on the bend in front of me while Trenton was behind me pounding away. Then, Adamson gave me the warning and began to cum on my and that’s when Trenton also said, “I’m about to cum” and boom both at the same time! Watch this white gooey mess all over my ass and hands.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:04
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1825kbps
Audio: 124kbps
Adamson and Trenton Adamson and Trenton
Adamson and Trenton Adamson and Trenton Adamson and Trenton
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